Tune Up That Noisy Unsafe Garage Door

Want to ring in 2014 QUIETLY?  Garage Door Medics can help with a Premier Garage Door Tune Up.  


Prolong the life of your door and the opener while keeping them safe, quiet and dependable. Annual tune-ups prevent minor problems from turning into huge disasters.  Call 888. 870. 4677 for more details and to schedule your appointment today.

Sectional Door Checklist

  1. Inspect all hinges for wear and cracks.
  2. Inspect all rollers for loose bearings and faulty roller stems.
  3. Inspect end bearings and center cones on torsion tube.
  4. Inspect track for bends or misalignment.
  5. Inspect sections for bends or cracks.
  6. Lubricate all moving parts.
  7. Tighten all nuts and bolts.
  8. Wood sectional – tighten hinges whether loose or not.
  9. Balance and adjust accordingly

Piece Door Checklist

  1. Inspect all 5 pivot points on hardware for worn parts.
  2. Check for safety wire and clips on springs.
  3. Inspect jambs to see if they are split or hardware is rubbing door.
  4. Confirm if chains are welded links.
  5. Inspect to see if bottom or top rail is split.
  6. Lubricate all moving parts and springs.
  7. Tighten truss rods and end brackets.
  8. Check the door for balance and adjust accordingly.

Steel, Hardware & Materials

Chain Drives/Belt Drives

  1. Lubricate chain rail and trolley.
  2. Tighten chain or belt if necessary.
  3. Open motor head and lubricate worn gear.
  4. Inspect gear and sprocket for wear and tear.
  5. Check safety reverse – red tag opener if it does not.
  6. Check drive arm bolt and pins to make sure they are tight.
  7. Inspect and test up and down force.

Screw Drives

  1. Lubricate screw. Low temp grease.
  2. Adjust limits.
  3. Adjust electric eyes and clean.
  4. Check safety reverse and red tag if it fails.
  5. Inspect and test up and down force.

General Opener

  1. Replace light bulbs if necessary.
  2. Straighten receiver wire.
  3. Check wall button functions.
    1. Activation Switch.
    2. Light Switch.
    3. Lock Switch.

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