Torsion Spring Replacement Review | Greg Ottinger Bonita, CA

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While seeking repair parts Wednesday i called GDE and Flor answered and she was kind enough to message me later with specific technical/cost information.  all hands at GDE were friendly and helpful  to me with mick was good enough to sell me replacement tracks for my 7′ alum’ roll up door allowing me to attempt a repair BUT much, much more importantly
mick urged caution and safety while adjusting the torsion springs. After a moment’s though i said send tech jeff tomorrow am to fix/adjust/balance my out-of-wack and open garage door. jeff arrived on-time and he knows garage doors inside and out! first rate tech; professional with good people skills. his attitude and actions inspired confidence.   all costs were openly/honestly disclosed by Flor, mick, Lilly and jeff – no surprises just first rate service. jeff described me (a retired engineer) as a ‘diamond-in-the rough’ since like all engineers i gave my pov as a problem solver but without problem finding as i alone listened to jeff’s pov as an garage door expert. hazard of being an engineer: confusion of problem understanding-solving and fault finding. imo modern garages doors are a wonderful design solution to a big problem but the design is sensitive and requires  some albeit little maintenance as repairs can be quite costly.  jeff fixed my tweaked door with NO PARTS – adjusting it perfectly. the door operation is substantially quieter and smoother rolling. the door is now plumb and true.  and sweet it is. i am relieved and most happy with the work and feel the money was well spent. 5 STARS to Garage Door Medics – thanks to Flor, Mick, Lilly and Jeff.

Greg Ottinger


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