Three Easy Tips To Avoid Garage Door Accidents

The garage door is used almost every day and most homeowners do treat it with the respect it deserves.  It’s dangerous and can cause accidents.  Like all accidents in the home, accidents with garage doors can be easily prevented if we all just exercised a little more caution.

The garage is not a play area
or a work area, it’s a place to store your cars and household
items. Every year in the US there are at least two deaths reported of children from garage door accidents.  Many more then that are severely injured.  Don’t let children play around an open garage door it is an accident waiting to happen especially if your garage door
contains torsion springs.

How do we avoid garage door accidents?
First off keep your garage doors closed when not in use.  Garage doors are not really designed to stay open and just by doing this one simple thing many accidents can be prevented.  Torsion spring garage
doors are designed to hold the garage door still at a half open, half
closed height, but the springs are more likely to fail when the springs are being used and can fail at any moment.

Performing a tension test on your springs by leaving the garage door half open is a good way to know if you need to call us.
the garage door moves by itself, either up or down, then you know that
the torsion springs need adjusting.  Before attempting to change or adjust the torsion springs of
your garage door, stop and think about the force there is behind a
compacted torsion spring, and you will realize that changing the torsion
springs on your garage door is very dangerous and should be left to a professional.  They will be able to do the work for you
and ensure you that no accidents will occur.

When should you call a professional?
Another way to avoid garage door accidents it to keep up with your garage door maintenance.  How do you know if your garage door needs maintenance.  Pay attention and notice if and when your garage door starts to act funky. 

Do a quick visual inspection of your garage door and garage door
parts.  If you see corroded or worn down parts do not try and replace
them yourself.  Call a professional.  Call us.  Replacing worn and
corroded parts could prevent a nasty accident.  If you have a professional periodically check all the
moving parts and hardware of your garage door, then you are taking a
proactive step towards avoiding accidents.  We offer an annual checkup
and tune up for an extremely affordable price considering the
alternative; someone getting seriously hurt or worse.  $99  per year
doesn’t sound like much compared to big hospital bills. 

It’s peace of mind.

The best advice on preventing garage door accidents is to always keep your garage
door closed, well maintained, and never to allow children to play in the
vicinity. If you are unsure of the state of your garage doors, then
look into replacing them as soon as possible, before an accident might

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