Sue W. San Diego Garage Door Repair Review


I had a Big Deal for a 29 point tune up for our small garage door. That’s why I called Garage Door Medics.

Joel came out and performed the service. Then I asked about our large garage door. I had had several garage door companies out to fix a squeak that was very loud and drove us nuts. I was told various reasons for the squeak: it would be fixed, and then in two days the squeak would return (I would love to take back one review I made on Angie’s List where I said the technician did a great job removing the squeak–well, it returned). Joel found the REAL reason for the squeak (bushing against the metal). A previous company said the door was slightly bowed because it was wood and wood does that after about 15 years, and eventually it would need replacing. Joel looked at the door and said the springs had been replaced a while ago and they were too small/too light for the large door. As a result, a gear inside the box was shredding (he showed it to me). He replaced the springs with proper ones that were stronger, and replaced parts inside the gear box. Perhaps I should have received an estimate from others, but other companies had seen the door and didn’t even realize what the problem was. Bravo for Joel! This is one of the reasons I waited so long to write this review–I wanted to make sure the door worked properly for a few weeks.

Source: Angie’s List 04/23/2013

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