Should I change both garage door springs, or just the broken one?

Most two car garage doors have two springs across the top of the garage door and is quite common for just one spring to break.  

broken-garage-door-spring_NewHowever, we highly recommend that you have both springs changed when one spring breaks and here’s why. 
Torsion springs have a very specific lifespan and once one breaks there’s a high probability that the other one is extremely fatigued and will break shortly after the broken one is replaced.  The second spring will most likely fail when you need to take your child to an important school event or on the morning of a very important meeting.  Save yourself the hassle and replace them both at the same time.

Yes, it will cost you a little more to replace both of them right now then it would be just replace the broken one however in the long run it will cost you far less to replace them both now then to wait until the other spring breaks.  If you only replace the broken spring the new spring will have to work harder to compensate for the fatigued spring.  It will end up having a shorter lifespan then it would if both springs are replaced at the same time. You will also save money on labor fees as you would only have to pay us one time to come at your home vs. two times. 

If you have, or suspect, a broken spring – contact a garage door professional today to have both springs replaced and get your door back in proper working order!

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