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Garage Door Medics are proud to announce our coverage of San Diego: our hometown and the location where it all started! We love to serve the communities of some of the US’s biggest and most historic cities, and San Diego is no exception. It is the 8th largest city in the US, and California’s 2nd biggest. Having a population of nearly 1.5 million residents means that Garage Door Medics certainly have our work cut out!

Providing a service for both residential garage owners and commercial properties, Garage Door Medics have been providing a high-quality service to our neighbours for over 20 years. What sets us apart from our competitors, is our ability to go above and beyond the requirements of our customers, helping them through their garage door problems in a calm, friendly manner immersed in knowledge and expertise. This service is cost-effective, professional (we certainly know what we are doing!) and carried out 24/7 meaning that you will never be without our support whenever you need it.


Regardless of the size of the garage door problem that you face, Garage Door Medics are here to help everyone in San Diego. From small repairs to complete garage door replacements, we know what it takes to restore your door to a working standard. After our team has been out to work on your door, it will seem as good as new! This is why we are fast-becoming the ‘one stop shop’ for all garage door repair, installation, maintenance and parts requirements.

Unlike many other garage door companies, we believe in the community of San Diego, and go out of our way to provide expert customer service, professionalism and care to every single one of our customers. Even if you feel that the repair work is only minimal, we will treat you and the job you need doing, with the respect that you deserve. Our customers have complete trust in the Garage Door Medics team, which helps us to build quality, long-lasting relationships. And we want you to take advantage of these relationships, and the reputation that we have built for ourselves. Call us today and we will provide a stress-free, cost-effective service without you even having to leave your home! You won’t find a more suitable ‘people company’ than Garage Door Medics.

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Before we visit our customer’s properties, we like to get to know as much about the area as possible. In so doing, we are able to build up a proper, professional relationship with our customers – talking to them about mutually interesting events and topics. As San Diego is home to Garage Door Medics, we already have matching interests and a passion for what we believe is the best city in the world! It is no wonder why San Diego is home to so many people, there are a huge range of attractions that draw people into the city and then keep them there. We, like you, are proud to call San Diego our home and couldn’t imagine living elsewhere.

A brief history of San Diego

Located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, San Diego is home to over 1.4 million people. It is one of the major cities in California, in fact, it is the second largest, behind Los Angeles only. In the whole of the US, San Diego is the eighth largest city and one which is regularly visited when people are touring the US.

San Diego’s stunning location helps to attract visitors. A multitude of beaches are regularly frequented by people who are attracted to San Diego’s year-round mild climate. Not only do these people enjoy sunbathing on the beaches, they also have the harbor to visit when they want to experience some of the city’s historic culture.

A city with such a fantastic location has many attractions. From the city’s culture, to its sporting venues, the city really does have something for everyone! If residents and visitors are after museums, there are art, history and space museums within the city, helping people to explore the city’s past, and potential future! Looking at other parts of San Diego’s past brings us on to the San Diego Maritime Museum which showcases some of the city’s ship exhibits amongst other fascinating items.

To get a taste of San Diego’s other cultural aspects, the San Diego symphony plays some melodic, peaceful and inspiring music to get visitors immersed in the San Diego culture – and to immerse them in the city’s setting. For those who prefer the performing arts, the Old Globe Theatre and La Jolla Playhouse host some of the nation’s finest plays and performances. In fact, many famous actors and entertainers (for example RuPaul), were born in San Diego. In addition to the Old Globe Theatre, the San Diego Repertory Theatre also showcases many great plays.

San Diego also knows it’s sport. Within the city, American Football, Soccer, Basketball and Baseball are all popular pastimes, and San Diego even hosted three Superbowls. These sports have helped the city become a competitive part of the US, and the San Diego Padres baseball team compete in Major League baseball. Baseball is, arguably, San Diego’s number one and most popular sport.

For animal-lovers, there is the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Seal Tour and Seaworld San Diego which allows visitors to become at one with the natural world which is so close to the main city. Living on the coast is a joy for animal-lovers who regularly walk along the Pacific Beach, or La Jolla Shores, hoping to spot some wildlife. Other select attractions include the Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, the Birch Aquarium and Balboa Park.

When returning home from visiting these attractions, residents of San Diego want to feel safe and secure. A garage door which is fully operational and not prone to breaking helps them to feel this way. Calling Garage Door Medics at any time of the day portrays our commitment to keeping the city of San Diego a safe, peaceful and happy one. For all your garage door needs, Garage Door Medics are just one step away.

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