Our Promise

We Promise This Commitment to You

We will remember that we are not simply a garage door company,
But a people company…

We will never offer any service that a customer does not need.
We will stand true to our motto: “We ONLY recommend what you need”

We will always remember that there is an art to customer care, as
well as business, and that warmth, empathy and compassion
Supersedes any form of monetary gain.

We will not be ashamed to state “I will have to find that information,”
Nor will we fail to call in our business associates when the skills of
another is a more appropriate fit for a customer’s needs.

We will respect every customer regardless of race or cultural variance.

We will respect the privacy of our clients, for their daily lives should
be disturbed as little as possible by the inconvenience of a
broken garage door system. We will do everything in our power to
accommodate our customer’s schedule.

We will prevent full door replacements whenever a door is repairable, for
preventative maintenance is preferable to costly inconvenient repairs
replacement and landfill.

In holding true to this oath, may we enjoy the benefits of life, prosperity
and the respect for being a business that is built by likeminded people with the
highest ethics and morals.



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We Only Recommend What You Need