Product 411: Wireless Keypads

Have You Heard of “Keypad Kids” ?  

In a recent survey, 33% of parents who use a keypad to access the garage door said it was the preferred way for their kids to enter the home.

The wireless keypad role has changed from a luxury item to a necessity for more and more people these days. This growing trend is especially apparent with families that have school-aged children. Many of them are installing keypads as an alternative to giving their children keys to the house that could easily be lost or misplaced. As more families depend on both parents having to work, the term “Latchkey Kids” is changing to “Keypad Kids”.  

Wireless keypads are not just for kids. Out of all the people that were surveyed who had been locked out of their homes, 60 percent reported that it was because they left their keys behind. Having a keypad for the garage door would have solved many of their frustrations. It is a fact that the garage door is becoming the most popular way of entry for many homeowners, 58 percent surveyed said they used their garage door as the primary method of entry to their home.

A keypad can be installed on just about any garage door opener.  Call today to have yours install by one of our friendly and experienced technicians, 888.870.4677. 


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