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Garage Door Medics present our service in the Californian city of Palm Desert! As we expand our business, we are proud to add Palm Desert to our list of areas that we supply the Garage Door Medics service to, and we are always happy to visit an area that is surrounded by beauty whilst supporting a diverse population of people.

The service in Palm Desert covers both commercial and residential garage door repairs, and Palm Desert has a unique population of people because it is made up of both permanent (year-round) residents, and people who have homes in the city as their winter or second home. Our 24/7 service means that if your garage door repair is an emergency (for example if you have been away for a long time and recently returned to see it is in disarray), we will be out to you as soon as possible. Not only do we provide repairs for existing damage, but we are always happy to supply and install a brand-new garage door if required.


The population of Palm Desert love using Garage Door Medics, because we provide a unique service, tailored to the requirements of each individual customer. We don’t simply repair or replace garage doors, we take the time to build up a working relationship with our customers and in so doing, are often called back for repeat business. Customers love the professionalism and care that we take pride in supplying when we work at home in the Palm Desert region, and we always ensure that we have exceeded customer expectations prior to leaving the premises.

No job is too big or too small for the experienced members of the Garage Door Medics team. Whether it be minor repairs or complete replacements, we offer our 24/7 service to everyone in every context, ensuring that garage door repairs are consistently stress-free and cost-effective. Whilst the costs are reduced, we ensure that the quality of the service is not jeopardised; our friendly staff have over 20 years of experience which is why constantly exceed customer expectations. We have become the only ones who do what we do.

Though our headquarters are in San Diego, our network of coverage extends to Palm Desert, a city based within an estimated 14 miles of the famous Palm Springs. With a population of over 48,000 people, Palm Desert has become an attractive area of residence in its own right – aside from the arguably bigger named places surrounding it, and Palm Desert itself has become a choice of residence for one of the world’s richest men – Bill Gates. Like Bill, many of the residents of Palm Desert own more than one house and the city is home to a variety of types of people including ‘snowbirds’ – those who travel from colder climates when the weather is unfavourable. Many Snowbirds who move to Palm Desert every year come from Canada.

Much of Palm Desert’s history, comes within the 20th century. Way back in the first part of this century, Palm Desert was known as ‘Old MacDonald’s Ranch’ but this was changed in the 1920s, when date palms were planted in the area. It wasn’t until 1943 that Palm Desert had its first residential area, and its population was relatively low until the 1980s and 1990s which attracted many new people to the city.

As an area of land (and partly water!) Palm Desert occupies approximately 27 square miles. One of the attractions to the area for snowbirds and other second home owners, is the unique warm climate that Palm Desert is lucky to have all year round. The temperature is helped by the mountain ranges that surround sides of the city, in addition to the valley floors. People lucky enough to visit and live in Palm Desert do not need to worry about cold winters and adverse weather due to the city’s protection.

Visitors and residents increased exponentially during the 1980s and the 1990s, when Palm Desert was transformed into a major shopping destination. The main shopping street in downtown Palm Desert, is known as ‘El Paseo Drive’ which is surrounded by art galleries, boutiques and restaurants. Palm Desert has been called ‘the place to be’ which no doubt adds to the attraction for visitors and residents!

Culturally, Palm Desert is known for its unique genre of music called ‘Palm Desert Scene.’ Incorporating other genres, Palm Desert Scene has been dubbed ‘stoner rock’ by many and examples of this type of music can be seen from ‘Queens of the Stone Age’ (who have featured members as prominent as ‘Foo Fighters’ Dave Groll) and ‘Eagles of Death Metal.’

Defining Palm Desert’s culture is not easy, and this is due to the change in residents who live in the area depending on the time of year. There is a multi-ethnic community in the city (made up from nationalities such as Canadians, Europeans and East Asians), and over half of the population are over 50 years old.

The types of activities and attractions Palm Desert has for these people, include golf (around 30 courses!) and shopping. However, it is the city’s natural landscape that provides much of the attraction for residents and visitors. There are numerous tours involving food, beer, walking and the environment giving people a taste of Palm Desert’s natural landscape. The Bump and Grind trail, for example, as well as the Palm Desert Cross Hiking Trail are popular choices for people wanting to explore the outdoors.

Elsewhere, Palm Desert also has the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, as well as the Palm Desert Aquatic Center for swimmers. The Palm Springs Art Museum is based in Palm Desert, and – as already mentioned – the El Paseo shopping district provides more things to do!

When returning home, residents of Palm Desert like to ensure they are in a cosy, safe dwelling. Garage Door Medics are happy to provide assistance with this, by covering the Californian city; providing residents with our high-quality service. For all your garage door repair, parts, installation or maintenance, contact Garage Door Medics today!

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