Last Minute Gift Idea

It’s almost Christmas Eve and if you aren’t done shopping we have a great last minute gift idea for the whole family that takes virtually no time at all.

Print out a picture of the 8550 Liftmaster Garage Door Opener or a wireless entry keypad then call us to set up an appointment and write it on the card.  We are open until noon on Christmas Eve.  If you don’t get a chance to call us to make the appointment time and date just make one up.  As long as it is after Christmas we should be able to accommodate you.  We won’t tell if you don’t.


How can the whole family enjoy a garage door opener?  The 8550 is a belt drive and its whisper quiet. Imagine slipping out unnoticed to go golfing on weekends, or keeping the baby asleep longer and giving mom more time to herself.  Can you think of any other reasons? 

The 8550 belt drive is an investment in the quality of your life.  This is the latest and greatest in garage door technology.  Open the garage door from your smartphone.  You will no longer have to go back downstairs to check and see if the garage door is closed, monitor and close the garage door from any room in your home.  This garage door opener also has a built in battery backup to keep your family safe should the power go out from a storm or wildfire.  Aside from all of the other bells and whistles which their are many, this reason alone can be enough to buy this opener… PEACE OF MIND

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