Garage Zones for Maximum Organization

The garage is one of the most under-utilized storage space in many homes. But your garage has potential!  A simple redesign of your garage can make all the difference.  Try assigning organizing “zones” to each section of the garage.  Here are 6 main zones for storage organization: 

1. The Transition Zone.

Think, shoes, jackets, bags, etc. find their home on shoe racks and hanging hooks. 

2.  Need It Now.

.  For example, dog food, canned goods, and recyclables.  Try placing on shelving located by the entrance to the house. 

3.  Long, Tall, Thin Storage.

. This would be things like rakes, shovels, and other yard equipment that can be hung on the walls.

4. Large Item Storage.

.Camping gear and holiday décor are perfect candidates for this high, corner storage area.

5.  Frequently Used Items.

Think quick and close.  Items such as bikes and golf clubs.
6. Work space for your favorite hobby.  Gardening, working on the car…