Garage Door Summer Maintenance Tips

Here’s are some basic summer garage door maintenance tips.

Wash Away Seasonal Grime on Door and Windows to Prevent Rust

Wash steel and aluminum door surfaces with a mild household detergent then rinse with water. Apply a quality car wax to the front side of a steel door surface twice a year, immediately after cleaning, to help maintain the finish.
Clean windows with a mild solution of dishwashing detergent and a soft cloth

Remove Rust

Visible rust or flaking paint on a steel door indicates that moisture is taking its toll.

Keep the Heat Out

Garage door insulation isn’t just for the cold winter months. Today’s insulated garage doors can help keep an unconditioned garage comfortable on a sizzling summer day as well as help manage temperatures in living spaces above the garage.

Schedule a Summer Tune-Up

Just like cars, garage doors need to be maintained to keep them safe. Our thorough inspection (outlined below) will help prolong the life of your door and the opener while keeping them safe, quiet and dependable. Annual tune-ups prevent minor problems from turning into huge disasters.  Schedule at 888. 870. 4677