Garage Door Safety & Security

Garage Door Safety & Security Features For Your Home

High tech improvements and connectivity with smartphones, mobile devices, and laptops, have enhanced garage door safety and security. We offer many safety devices that you may choose from.

Manual Release Handle

In a power outage, this feature releases the garage door for manual operation.

Security Door Lock

Once your garage door closes, it is locked securely and will make access is impossible.

Photographic Eyes

This device projects an invisible beam of light across the garage door opening. If a person or object breaks that beam while the door is closing, the door automatically reverses to avoid contact. We highly recommend photographic eyes if you have young children, and their toys, in and around your garage. You will ensure their added safety with this feature.

Enhanced Opener Lighting

This feature adds 200 watts of light from ninety seconds to four and one-half minutes to give you safe ingress and egress.

One of our models has a motion-detecting control panel that turns the lights on automatically when you enter the garage.

Wireless Key Entry

This system allows you to open your garage door without using a remote control. It allows you to set temporary entry codes for friends and service personnel.

Some of our other models use fingerprint identity authentication, versus PIN numbers, for faster authorization.

Garage Door Safety Monitor

Many of our customers want to be assured, at any given time, that their garage door is closed. This monitor lets you know whether the garage door is open or closed from any room in the house.

Remote Light Control

A remote light control will allow you to turn on your home’s lights or appliances. You will be able to activate electrical items in your home using this type of remote from inside your car.

Elite Remote Control Units

This accessory allows you to control up to three garage door openers, gate operators or accessories simultaneously. You can control these accessories via smartphone, tablet or computer.

Internet Getaways

These products allow you to connect your garage door opener and accessories to the Internet for maximum control.

Laser Garage Parking Assist

This laser guidance system projects a flashing beam onto your dashboard so you know exactly when to stop your car as you park inside your garage. There is no more need to use the old-fashioned method of rigging a tennis ball and string to hang from the ceiling!

Portable Wireless Intercom Units

Communicate anywhere on your property from inside your home. Even better, we offer an indoor/outdoor wireless intercom that’s weather resistant.

As you can see, we offer many remotes, control panels, keyless entry systems, wireless alerts, wireless intercoms and accessories to ensure your safety and security.

Many homeowners recognize the need for these convenience and safety items. Fill out our online form now. We’ll contact you today and set-up your garage door service appointment immediately.

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