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We service more than 10,000 garage doors each year. Often, homeowners are surprised how complicated fixing their garage door can be.

The main challenge is that one broken part might be the result of several other contributing factors. Our job is to diagnose and fix the primary problem and even the smaller contributing ones.

It’s fair to say that fixing a garage door is like fixing a car engine. Let’s say your car stopped running—pow!–and you’re stuck on I-5 at 7 am. Oil is spilling out of your car. The first questions in your mind are:

  • How do I get a tow?
  • What’s wrong with my car?
  • How do I fix it?
  • Who can give me a quick oil change?
  • When can I get back to driving it—immediately?

The actual problem might not be the simple loss of oil. It could be indicative of something else, entirely, such as a broken hose or pan.

In much the same way, broken springs, rollers, and cables are interconnected and each has an effect on the other. On the surface, a broken garage door spring might not always be the reason your door won’t open! We know the intricacies of each component and how they relate to one another. Just like the mechanic who works on your Hyundai or Beemer, we know how to zero in on the problem to fix it. Call us today!

We diagnose and solve big problems; and at your command, we’ll repair the little ones that may have contributed to the big one including garage door spring replacement. Much like your car on the side of the freeway, there’s oil all over but that’s not the whole picture.

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Garage Door Springs We Carry

Most of our competitors carry far fewer springs. We have springs for every conceivable problem in our inventory. Having the right spring means that your door will give your garage door proper torsion and perfect balance—making it easier to open.

Little problems such as counterbalance deficiencies, tracks/hinges with inadequate buoyancy, cable problems, or simply a wrong spring size can contribute to a broken spring or larger problems.

Let one of our master technicians diagnose and make your garage door repair today!

Maintenance Tune-Ups

Our proprietary Signature Tune-Up is a 25-point inspection. We check, adjust and lube your door and opener for wear and tear. We check the little problems to ensure that you don’t meet the big one. Symptoms are little problems; seizure is the big one. Avoid being on the side of the freeway at rush hour or stuck inside or outside your garage.

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