Garage Door Nearly Kills One Year Old

The following story happened recently to family much like yours who has a garage door much like yours in a home much like yours.  Call Garage Door Medics today to repair or service your garage door to ensure garage door safety that could potentially save lives.


A 300 pound garage door comes crashing down. Doctors say it could’ve killed an adult but let’s suppose it hit a one year-old boy. The fast thinking litttle sister saved her brother’s life.  Halle Andrews and her family were getting ready to leave for the day when an attempt to close the garage door turned terrifying.

It was Halle’s instincts alone that saved little Beau from countless pounds of steel.  Inseparable describes 7 year-old Halle Andrews and her 1 year old brother, Beau. Halle says she’s always looking out for him.  “Like when something’s gonna happen I look around for Beau to make sure he is not eating a crayon or marking on himself,” said Halle.  In fact, Halle was right alongside Beau Monday when the family was getting prepared for a day of swimming.

“I couldn’t see anything,” said Halle. “I just heard something really fast then I was thinking something’s gonna fall on my little brother!”  It was 300 pounds of steel and glass that merely came crashing down.  Mom, Kasie Andrews, explains her sister’s boyfriend tried to help her shut the garage door that’s already been acting up. Little did he know, the security spring was broken.

“It didn’t catch and it just went BAM!” said Andrews. “The garage door fell, and fell hard and Beau was in its path.  “It was so loud,” she said.  Halle had seconds to react “I was attempting to pull him out of the way so he didn’t get smashed or anything,” said Halle.  Halle says something inside her told her to grab Beau and she pulled him to safety just before the door hit. 

 “They were on top of each other” said Andrews. “I did not know who had been hurt. He was screaming really loud.”  That’s when mom says she saw all of the blood, and quickly realized it was coming from Beau’s foot. He has two broken bones. Luckily those are the kind of injuries that will heal.

“I could not believe she thought that quickly, you do not imagine your 7 year-old will reactl that fast,” said Andrews.  As for that garage door, a garage door replacement is in route. As for Halle, she couldn’t be prouder to be her little brother’s real live hero.  Kasie Andrews encourages everyone to test their garage door. That’s something she never imagined may potentially crush her child.  Beau will be just fine once his cast is off. After that, he’ll just have Halle to remind him of the scary day that brought them closer together.

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