Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Fall

When it is starts getting chilly outside, the last thing you want to do is come home to a garage door that won’t open.  By following a few easy tips and you can help avoid being left out in the cold.

The first step is to clean the exterior of the door(s). To do this you will need to mix a mild detergent, with water and clean the door, making sure to rinse thoroughly. Once the garage door is clean, you may want to apply car wax to help protect it from rain, rust and the sun.  The added bonus of doing this is the nice sleek finish it will leave.

Next, clean the weather stripping at the bottom of the door. Using a cloth and all-purpose cleaner, remove any dirt and rinse with water. If your garage door has windows you will also want to make sure the seals are tight around the frames.

Lastly, it is time to move to the inside of the garage where all the moving parts are located that are essential to the functioning of the garage door. Schedule a Preventive Maintenance Tune-Up with us at 888.870.4677.  Medics on Standby 24/7!

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