Donna S. San Diego, CA Garage Door Repair Review


In late August, 2013, my garage door went out of wack, actually closing on an angle. The technician, Eric Murphy, reset the door and put in 2 new hinges, lickety splick.. A few days later, it was closing rather loudly. He came back and adjusted the Roller Bracket.
Fast forward to October 17th and the door is a little louder than normal. New tech came, Leonardo, who was also very professional and determined to fix the problem. After running many tests, rechecking several areas, it was determined we needed a set of drums and a set of EB. These were installed efficiently and successfully and just as he was about to show how well the door closed, a new problem.The motor died and may need to be replaced. With Leonardo’s quick thinking he called his supervisor who suggested that it had just overheated with all the opening and closing. It cooled down with the help of our garden blower and then success. The door was quiet and smooth…..thanks to our tech, Leonardo, who stayed quite late, making sure everything was in good working condition.

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