8550 Garage Door Opener Review

This opener is incredibly quiet, it opens and closes so softly and works flawlessly. What blew me away were the features.

Once setup I’m able to view the status, or open and close from my smartphone. The app doesn’t just show if your door is open or closed, but how long it has been in that state. I can tell approximately when my son came home, from the length of time the door has been closed. I can also easily setup a temporary code to the outside keypad that is employed by a specified number of hours or a specified number of uses. To put it differently, if you wish to let someone in your garage one time to grab, say a mower or a weed whacker. You are able to program a temporary code for a one time use. That code is not going to work a second time. Or if you have somebody staying with you for the weekend, you’ll be able to setup a code that actually works for two days. If there is one thing that they could improve upon near perfection would be too able to set temporary codes through the phone, they currently have to be done through the keypad.  I highly recommend the 8550 garage door opener with battery backup.


Steven G. 
La Mesa

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